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Need something that you do not see, no sweat. Give us a call at (513) 241-8126 as we're adding and getting new stock every day. Most items are 1-3 days in transit to us. Save yourself shipping fees. 

Corrugated boxes and packaging is the cornerstone of commerce and shipping. 3D Corrugated is here to help you save by offering great prices, amazing service and superb support. Need a special size, box warehousing or custom printing? No problem, contact us for more details. 

A couple common questions: 

  • What does RSC mean when buying boxes? 
    RSC Stands for regular slotted carton and refers to the typical boxes that fold flat, then reassemble as a box, that most people use for shipping purposes. 

  • What does ECT mean? 
    ECT stands for edge crush test. ECT 32 is the standard that most people use when shipping and is capable of withstanding a 200 pound crush on the edges. It's roughly recommended for about 65ish pounds.  

Our box collection is below,  but if you want to save big, be sure to sign up for our newsletter (at bottom of page) with weekly updates for special deal opportunities. We also carry tape, void fill and inserts/pads.  

3D Corrugated is located in the Northern Kentucky area, Covington, and serves the Greater Cincinnati area with packaging supply. 

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