Your Guide to Understanding Packing Peanuts

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Packing peanuts can help you ship packages perfectly.

Using packing peanuts can ensure that your customers feel like they paid top dollar for their item when it arrives safely at their home or place of business. As a leading packaging and box supply company in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, we at 3D Corrugated know all about the power and presentation factor that packing peanuts can have when used to ship items in boxes.



Packing peanuts – those thumb-sized pieces of foam available at office supply and packaging companies like 3D Corrugated nationwide – are a common type of void fill. (Unfamiliar with that term? No worries. You can read about it by clicking here.) Void fill is any material used to cushion or pad an item to prevent it from becoming damaged during the shipping process. Packing peanuts are a popular type of void fill as they are (1) very affordable (2) easy to find and (3) easy to use.

On the positive side, packing peanuts are lightweight and available in biodegradable materials. On the negative side, packing peanuts can move around if not enough used; and if you are prone to issues of static cling, can be a tad messy if you are using Styrofoam vs biodegradable. 


Looking for more options to keep your packages safe? Simply contact an expert from 3D Corrugated. Located just across from Downtown Cincinnati in the Covington area of Northern Kentucky, we’re always happy to discuss fill types, boxes, warehousing your items or whatever else we can do to help with your packaging or box needs. Whether you’re looking for boxes to ship across town, nationwide or around the globe, we’ve got the expertise to help you think in – and outside of – the box.


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